Behavioral change is a profession. Increase your impact by taking into account irrational behavior. In our courses and masterclasses we take you into the world of behavioural change. Based on scientific insights we apply theory in practice!

“A must” if you want to get acquainted with the practice of behavioural change.
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incompany Lectures

From an inspiration boost to a first acquaintance with the discipline and 2-day team sessions. Duwtje has experience with keynotes at large conferences and intimate sessions with your own team. The possibilities are endless, but all the sessions have one common denominator: we’ll delve deep into the world of behavioural change!


Duration: 30 minutes to 2 days

Number of participants: everything is possible

Behavioral change is a profession; How do you tackle this and how do you achieve innovation? We share different techniques and countless examples to make your solutions as effective as possible.

Only knowledge is not enough, you also have to be able to apply theory to practice. Which do’s and dont’s are there when you start with behavioural change? Our behavior experts will tell you all about it!


More and more organizations are using behavioral change, some even have their own behavioural insight teams. The nudge masterclass helps you to apply behavioral change to your own cases. In a short amount of time you’ll be able to turn around your approach completly by using behavioral insights. We use our experience in establishing the first-ever behavioural insight team (BIT) of the Netherlands at the Tax Administration. We tailor every master class to the organisation.


Duration: 3 days

Number of participants: 8-20

We introduce the participants to the world of nudging. Why do we make irrational choices and how can you take the answers to this question into account? Each participant in the masterclass receives the Duwtje Toolkit (behavioral book, change graph and 20 technique cards) to easily apply theory in practice.

We dive into the world of behavioral change to come to an effective solution. How? By tackling the causes of the problem with one of the 20 behavioral techniques. We teach participants all about applying behavioural knowledge in an effective way.


In the nudge expert training we share the secrets of how we analyze, change and develop concepts aimed at behavioural change. We have developed our method over the past 10 years while working on cases with over a hundred large and small organisations. The training includes three learning objectives: increasing knowledge, applying theory in practice and taking into account new developments.

Duration: 7 days (spread over 3 months)

Number of participants: 12


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