Reach Your goal

With nudging

In our behavioral pathways we take you into the world of behavioural change. Our experts delve into the problem and give insight into which buttons to push; the result is a scientific foundation of your creative nudge. We also take into account the design and the scientific analysis. Our approach is characterised by the focus on the target group. Which people are effected by the problem and how can we help them?

Beyond nudging


Together with the municipality of Deventer we transformed a gray shopping square into a lively neighborhood by giving the neighborhood a face. Literally. Hundreds of faces. Nudging linked to a world-wide art project to strengthen social cohesion.




The more specific, the better

Result: target behavior
TOOL: Players Field & Storyboard

An easy mistake when applying behavioural knowledge is wanting to change the whole world. Our main lesson: Make it specific! What really is the problem we are focusing on?




4 buttons, 1 Behavioral Code

Result: Behavioral Code
TOOL: Behavioral Model & Graphic

With the nudge behavioral model, we map out the buttons we need to push to achieve the desired behaviour. Not an abstract hassle, but a practical way of working.



Behavioral techniques IN 1 CONCEPT

Result: Nudge concept
TOOL: behavioural techniques

There are hundreds of techniques to change behavior. We gathered the most effective techniques and linked them to the buttons of the behavioral model to help you choose the right nudge.




Insight & Broader lessons

Result: Behavioral Lessons
TOOL: Scientific research

In order to create and maintain long-term effects, it is important to find out what actually works by measuring the effects. We use quantitative and qualitative research.

Very refreshing in the more formal world of the government. The nudge team is energetic and unique! Frankly, I thought it would be a challenge to apply innovative nudges, but the reactions were unanimously enthusiastic. It was also a great experience working together, they reply quickly and flexibly and everything always looks very slick.

GGD Zeeland

Duwtje completely plunged into the problem from the get-go. Thanks to many critical questions, they came to an effective solution. In doing so, we learned a lot from their working methods where you really learn to think ‘ in terms of behavior ‘.

UMC Radboud


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