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Seven day behavioural change training

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Behavioural science is becoming increasingly popular, so we ofton got the question of whether there is training for what we do. Since 2017 it’s a fact: the Duwtje nudge training! In 7 days you will become a nudge expert.

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Behavior change

The first 2 days of training we take you into the world of Duwtje. Behavioral change is a profession; How do you tackle this and how do you achieve innovation? We delve into the 20 most effective techniques and share countless examples to make your impact as large as possible.


  • We start with insight into how our behaviour is influenced by unconscious factors.
  • We then zoom in on what mistakes we all make and how they control our choice processes.
  • We also figure out how our brain gets depleted and how we can use this knwoledge in our advantage.

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Only knowledge is not enough, you also have to be able to translate theory to practice. What should you look for when you get started with behavioural change? We share the most important do’s and don’ts and actively brainstorm to help you with your own cases.


  • Resistance is the first factor of the Duwtje behavioral model and we delve deep into 3 irrational forms of resistance.
  • After resistance we examine the unconscious effects of our surroundings on our behavior.
  • We then zoom in on the powerful influence of group processes and social norms.
  • We conclude the model of behaviour with the importance of intrinsic and extrinsic motivators for long-term behavioural change.

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How do you find the solutions to your problems? The Duwtje method guides you through the jungle of possibilities to change behaviour. We focus on the future; what trends do we have to take into account?


  • The core of the training consists of 20 behavioral techniques, selected because of their robust effect on behavior.
  • After the 20 techniques we share many examples so you can easily develop your own nudge.
  • The power of using behavior change is creating a big effect with small steps. We share our knowledge, so you too can achieve your goals.
  • We finish the training by completing the circle and finding out which techniques work in your practice.

Developed by the founders of the first-ever behavioural insighs team in the Netherlands!



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Practical INFO


Incl. TOOLKIT & Annual EVENT


A few Fridays a month, you will delve into the world of behavioural change to end the working week full of energy. The 7-day training is 2850,- and exempt from VAT (CRKBO registered). The training is including nudge Toolkit and an annual event with other nudge experts. We also provide good coffee, a healthy organic lunch of restaurant Stroom and all that is needed to stay sharp.

For whom?

Everyone who is motivated to use nudging and to learn new things, together with a diverse group of people is welcome! Tthere is no prior educaion neede, but the training is given at HBO/WO level.


Friday’s from 10:00 to 16:00

Spring 2019

15-03-2019 | Introduction to the Field
22-03-2019 | Problem analysis
05-04-2019 | Behavioural analysis
26-04-2019 | Techniques Part 1
10-05-2019 | Techniques Part 2
24-05-2019 | Develop nudge concept
07-06-2019 | Closing Day
Autumn 2019 *
* Subject to change


Zijpendaalseweg 10a Arnhem, the Netherlands

The Duwtje office is a bright building located near the Sonsbeek Park and the centre of Arnhem, a 5-minute walk from the main train Station.

Duwtje Training Site


Incl. Nudge Toolkit with behavioral book, workbook and Techniques cards. Originating from social psychology and Design thinking, it helps you to apply behavior change with resultst.


Behavioural expert Msc. Aranka Sinnema

Making visible what remained invisible is half the work.

Behavioral psychology gives me a glimpse into the human mind. I find it particularly interesting to change behaviour in a positive way. In addition to research, I convey our knowledge enthusiastically by giving talks and master classes.


You only get to master something if you are going to do it yourself.

Looking at situations in order to come up with creative ideas is something we are doing at Duwtje every day. From my knowledge of psychology and my extensive experience as a trainer, I am always working on how I can best influence behaviour. With the result that you can give yourself the best possible nudge!

Guest Lecturers

Founder Nudge Msc. Liza Luesink

Duwtje has emerged from the conviction that we can achieve so much more with the use of knowledge about irrational behaviour. And this is proven over and over again in our projects! I translate insights from science to daily practice, full of energy, for Duwtje as well as in politics. Delving into a problem and connecting people and resources to create the optimal result: not a day is the same!

Founder Duwtje Msc. Joyce Croonen

Questioning the things we do in order to come to a creative solution, that’s what Duwtje is all about. I’m all about combining my knowledge of psychology with my knowledge of design, and I am convinced that every good idea needs a great execution. The devil is in the details. Creating the right nudge is the biggest challenge!

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