Nine years ago we foundede Duwtje to make a real difference. We have a passion for changing behaviour that is important and good for our society. Creative, involved, scientific and goign the extra mile.



Liza Luesink

Founder & Strategy Director

Duwtje has emerged from the conviction that we can achieve so much more with the use of knowledge about irrational behaviour. And this is proven over and over again in our projects! I translate insights from science to daily practice, full of energy, for Duwtje as well as in politics. Delving into a problem and connecting people and resources to create the optimal result: not a day is the same!

Joyce Croonen

Founder & Creative Director

Questioning the things we do in order to come to a creative solution, that’s what Duwtje is all about. I’m all about combining my knowledge of psychology with my knowledge of design, and I am convinced that every good idea needs a great execution. The devil is in the details. Creating the right nudge is the biggest challenge!

Wouter de Haan

Office Manager & Marketeer

With commercial economics as a background, I have been engrossed in Marketing & Sales in recent years. Growing up in an entrepreneurial family I know how important a good back-office is. As office Manager my contribution to Duwtje is to take care of, (financial) overview and surprise with ideas, so that the ladies can focus on what they are good at.

Leon Cappel

UX Designer & Researcher

As a psychologist and UX designer I am thinking about how processes can be arranged as best as possible, hopefully making the lives of many people easier. I combine many years of experience in psychology, gamification and research with programming and knowledge about online behaviour.

Aranka Sinnema

Trainer & Researcher

Behavioral psychology gives me a glimpse into our irrational brain that is otherwise concealed. I find it particularly interesting to change behaviour in a positive way. As a social psychologist, I specialise in group processes and humor. In addition to research, I convey our knowledge enthusiastically by giving talks and master classes.

Eva Vermeulen


In the chaos of life, you have been behaving in a way that will harm others or your future self. I love to reflect on how sensible behaviour can be stimulated by making it more attractive and easy, or at least feasible. Super that I’ll be able to apply at Duwtje what I learned during my psychology and Health Promotion!

Neelavathi Mahajan

Trainer & Researcher

On my 14th I became the Austrian swimming champion and I am still fascinated by health and exercise; subjects that have everything to do with behavioural change. Because of my love for sport I studied general social sciences at Utrecht University, specialising in the Master’s degree in social psychology.


Researcher & Trainer

For me, the perfect nudge is subtle, but effective. Graduated as a social psychologist at Radboud University with the Master behavioural change, I am constantly looking for creative ideas to stimulate sustainable and desired behaviour. I like to dive into the data and get the most energy from analyzing the effects of our nudges.

Kirsten Barkmeijer


Looking at situations in order to come up with creative ideas is something we are doing at Duwtje every day. From my knowledge of psychology and my extensive experience as a trainer, I am always working on how I can best influence behaviour. I believe you will really get the hang of something when you do it yourself. With the result that you can give yourself the best possible nudge!

Sanne Wassink

Cultural Anthropologist

Why do people do what they do and how can we give social change processes more significance? I find it fascinating to unravel and influence systems. I use my background in Cultural anthropology & Development Sociology to research social potential, in order to empower it. Great to work as an independent entrepreneur with Duwtje!